Can Goldendoodles Be Black?


When I first heard about the Goldendoodle, my first impression was that this dog would probably be colorful.  Given its name and the number of Poodles born black. I was wondering if it’s possible for Goldendoodles to be black. My curiosity got the best of me so I did some research to find out if … Read more

How Long Do Mini Bernedoodles Live?

How Long Do Mini Bernedoodles Live?

So how long do Mini Bernedoodles live? I’ve always found the Mini Bernedoodle to be a fascinating breed. I was also wondering how long Mni Bernedoodies live. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to look more into this popular breed to further understand its average life expectancy. Since this cute breed has only been around … Read more

How Much Do Bernedoodles Cost?

How much do bernedoodles cost

Bernedoodles may be a new breed, but the demand for these loyal, loving puppies has increased drastically since they were first introduced in 2003. They’re an easy choice for families, even when there are small children or other household pets to consider. Single people and young couples also enjoy the laid-back but playful nature of … Read more

When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing?

Calmest Doodle Dog Breeds

If you have been considering or currently own a Bernedoodle for your family, one of your main concerns could be how big will they get. You might have noticed that they grow rather large in a short amount of time. You may be wondering, “When do Bernedoodles stop growing?” Today we will take a look at … Read more

Do Bernedoodles Shed?

When I was looking into adopting our first doodle, I had a ton of questions and one was, do bernedoodles shed and how other will they need to be groomed. The short answer is…not really. But, let me answer the question in more detail. The answer is: It varies depending on the texture of the … Read more