What is a Bernedoodle’s Lifespan?

What is a Bernedoodle Lifespan

A Standard bernedoodle (Bernese mountain dog poodle mix) is a fantastic designer breed. These designer dogs are sometimes referred to as Bernese mountain Poo. Their curly coat is cute a ball of fluff that makes great family dogs and soon will become one of your newest family members. They are loving, intelligent, and are very … Read more

Do Goldendoodles Get Along With Cats?

Do Goldendoodles get along with cats

Goldendoodles are known for their easy-going, loving, and have gentle behaviors. They are a great family dog and are lovely with kids of all ages. If you have a cat or other animals in your home, you may be asking, “Do Goldendoodles get along with cats?” Or maybe you already have a Goldendoodle, but wish … Read more

Do Goldendoodles Get Lighter Or Darker?

Do Goldendoodles Get Lighter Or Darker?

When imagining your perfect Goldendoodle, you might have a color in mind. You might have your heart set on a red Goldendoodle but are wondering how genetics will affect coat color. Goldendoodles range in a variety of colors depending on what color the parents are, especially the Poodle parent. You could find yourself asking, ” … Read more