Newfypoo vs Bernedoodle

Newfypoo vs. Bernedoodle

If you’re looking for a specific doodle breed dog, you’re unlikely to find a more unique dog breed. other than the Newfypoo vs Bernedoodle Two of the most popular dog breeds. While both Newfypoos and Bernedoodles have poodle parental heritage, there are significant differences between the two breeds. They may appear to be of the … Read more

What Is A Newfypoo’s Lifespan?

What is a Newfypoo's Lifespan?

Newfypoos are a blessing to anyone who has them. They have so many outstanding characteristics. Unfortunately, many prospective owners bypass these large dog breeds because they don’t think they live for long. But that isn’t the case for our Newfypoos. So what is a Newfypoo’s lifespan? And while we are at it, let’s talk about … Read more

How To Stop Your Puppy Dog From Biting

How To Stop Your Puppy Dog From Biting?

Playing with a puppy is the world’s greatest antidepressant. Who doesn’t love those cute puppy eyes and playful pounces? But one thing that we could all live without is the constant biting. Those little milk teeth can hurt! However, if you aren’t careful, these bad habits will continue into adulthood. And a mouthy dog can … Read more