Do Bernedoodles Shed?

When I was looking into adopting our first doodle, I had a ton of questions and one was, do bernedoodles shed and how other will they need to be groomed. The short answer is…not really. But, let me answer the question in more detail. The answer is: It varies depending on the texture of the … Read more

Best Dog Crate for Doodles

Best Dog Crates for Goldendoodles

If you have recently gotten a doodle mix or plan to get one you might be wondering about the Best Dog Crate for Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, and Doodles. Crate training can be a wonderful thing for dogs of all ages and backgrounds. But, what crate is the right one to get? Are there differences between crates? … Read more

How Often Should You Feed a Bernedoodle?


If you’re wondering How Often Should You Feed a Bernedoodle,  I will answer that question in this post. But, if you’re in a hurry the answer will depend on the size of the dog and if it’s a puppy or full-grown. My Bernedoodle is 18 months old and around 60lbs. She currently eats 1 cup, … Read more

How Often Do Bernedoodles Need To Be Groomed?

An often asked question is, How Often Do Bernedoodles Need To Be Groomed? When I was first looking into adopting my Bernedoodle, I wondered how often they needed to be groomed. So, I did some research and now after owning one for just over 18 months, I have learned how often my Bernedoodle needs to … Read more